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Grassy Waters

Grassy Waters 9 x 12 Acrylic on Canvas Paper .  This one was very well received when I posted it on Facebook.   I have been trying to do some daily painting to implement what I have been learning lately.  In this one I was focusing on the Cape Cod School of Art.

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Plein Air Palm Beach

Postcard for Plein Air Palm Beach

Here is what has been keeping me busy both painting and organizing. Palm Beach Plein Air Artists began with Donna Walsh organizing paint-outs for Palm Beach Watercolor Society. At the same time Ralph Papa organized a Plein Air group to paint in and around Delray Beach FL. In the Spring of 2013, Ralph and Donna decided to merge the groups and thus became the co-founders of Plein Air Palm Beach. We decided to use the Plein Air Palm Beach as the group name, after consultation with key members of the meetup site since this most aptly describes the area where we schedule paint-outs.


We have regularly scheduled paint-outs twice a month from October to May. At the end of the second paint-out we meet for a group critique and a picnic lunch. This year we are planning for an exhibit at the Cultural Council of Palm Beach. The Cultural
Council is sponsoring ten paint-outs around the county and will host the exhibit “Art Outside the Walls: En Plein Air” from April 11, 2014 – June 7, 2014.

Plein Air Palm Beach mission is to work with members, local art groups, cultural centers and the public to support and enhance plein air painting, events and exhibits. We welcome support and sponsorship from the cultural community to enhance our mission. We are in the process of becoming a Florida non-profit group.

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It’s time for another blog.  It’s not that I haven’t been inspired but I’ve been taking a number of classes that have been enjoyable, but they have taken time.  One is a figure drawing class in The Fort Lauderdale Figure Drawing School, which is part of Nova Southeastern University.  The instructor is a wonderful, classically-trained artist.  I’m learning a tremendous amount in each class each week the figure looks better and I can see places where improvement is needed.

I’m also taking a water color class from another wonderful instruction at the local high school as part of Palm Beach Community Educator Program.  The class is in an open style so each student can take maximum advantage of the teacher regardless of their skill level.

Another thing I’ve done is applied to the Delray Art League.  I had to bring in three paintings to be evaluated and was accepted as a member.   About the same time, I also joined the Palm Beach watercolor society.   That’s another great group.

Today, I’m spending part of the day at The Green Cay Nature Center in Delray Beach.  Now that the Florida weather has broken, it’s a beautiful clear day.


t was a lovely five mile bicycle trip from my home, and now I’m standing in a recreated hut used by the Miccosukee and Seminole tribes.  The roof is covered with cabbage palm fronds.  This kind of building was in use when the Spanish conquistadors arrived in the 1500.  The style was popular because it could be taken down and moved when invaders moved through the area.  It’s also a particularly sturdy construction since this particular hut has survived not one, but two, hurricanes in the past few years.

As anyone who has seen my body of work knows, I’m inspired by nature, and this is the perfect place for me to sit, paints in hand.  Right now, now I’m watching a flock of ducks fighting over some food and mulling how I can capture the incredible dynamics of the conflict in with is essentially a static medium.   I just wish I had the eye of Charles Thévenin in his La prise de la Bastille or George Bellows, who did the classic A Stag at Sharkey’.

Sadly, the recent mini-drought has reduced what is normally an impressive expanse of water to a number of smaller ponds and I suspect the conflict I’m observing will soon be the rule rather than the exception.    Still, it’s a wonderfully active ecosystem, turtles and frogs sunning themselves on logs and a number of alligators arrayed on the shore, mouths wide open, to allow the commensal animals to clean his teeth.   After the fray with the ducks, it’s nice that my last image is cooperation.

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