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Grand Re-Opening of Cornell Museum

The Cornell Museum at Old School Square has recently undergone a million dollar renovation and if it looked like an old school before it certainly does not now.  I attended the Grand Re-opening of the Museum on Nov 8th which was also the opening of the latest exhibit “Looking Glass”.  The atmosphere was joyous and electric.  While it retains the charm of an ‘old school’ the space is bright and open and will well serve the innovative and contemporary exhibits that curator Melanie Johnson is becoming known for.

Looking Glass Exhibit Nov 9 – Feb 25

Looking Glass, a group exhibition featuring contemporary artwork that immerses the viewer into the piece by creating their own reflection. The viewer and the space around the piece become a part of the work itself.  It was fun to view the exhibit with so many other artists and art lovers.   The exhibit will be there until Feb 25, 2018.

The opening was very festive and fun.   As a resident of Delray Beach, I felt proud that museum in the heart of downtown Delray is so progressive and attractive.  I was not too thrilled with their new policy of not serving red wine at the reception.  Really, they could just get some Mr. Clean magic erasers to clean up a spill.  This will not keep me from attending future reception there because it really is a gem of a museum.  



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IMG_9275Well it’s Spring in Delray

Beach, which means it is starting to get hot.  But the weather was great for the opening event for Delray Marketplace: Le Cirque Delray.

I decided it might be a good place to paint-out so I organized an outing for my plein air group.  Although several signed up, only two of us found each other amid the chaos of marching bands and costumed superheroes.

IMG_9279Even before I realized it was going to get hot and muggy, I had staked out spot in the shade by the bounce house.  This turned to be a good idea as my fellow artist succumbed to heat exhaustion and had to be taken to the hospital by the paramedics.  I gathered up all her art supplies, and she came by later in the evening to pick them up.

Many of the people attending the event thought I was part of the entertainment and asked if I were doing caricatures or face painting.  My husband came by and we had lunch at Terra Fiamma.  It was fantastic, and you can see his review of it on TripAdvisor.

I decided to paint some of the architecture.  This is great way to force yourself, as an artist, to get the correct perspective as you can hear the comments of those passing by.  It’s always better to hear “Oh, I see she is painting the building”  rather than “What is the World is that?”

All painting is a very intimate encounter, but painting plein air is even more so. I do find it challenging to work in this manner and often have to do a lot more work on the painting back in the studio, but I love painting outside, even in a mall.

It is like being all by yourself with your subject while at the same time being in the middle of a crowd.  The major difference is once you set up the crowd has to walk around you.

This proved to be a serious problem when our the group was painting at Delray Beach Play House at Lake Ida Park East .  We were having our critique session, and suddenly, three busloads of school kids were having a picnic around us.  The kids were very good but it was still too much for us, so we had to call it quits that day.

Delray Marketplace is a good place to paint, and because of the 911 call, I got to talk with the manager of the complex, Amy Ferguson, who told me she wants to have our group back at another time.  It’s very nice that the businesses are so receptive to artists painting at their locations.

Plein Air Artists are often looking toward the past, in that they document the structures of a town before they are torn down; at Delray Marketplace, we were at the opening.

Can’t wait to see the bougainvillea next year on the archways!  It will give us some nice shade to paint under./

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