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Went to see Loving Vincent this week and it lived up to the accolades it has received. The movie is an animated hand-painted movie about the last days and death of Vincent van Gogh by the movie-making team Dorota Kobiela and High Watchman. They employed 125 artists to recreate van Gogh’s works to create the animation. It is technically brilliant and captivating to watch the works of van Gogh come to life. The plot is a police procedural of the death of Vincent van Gogh with Armand Roulin played by Douglas Booth tasked by his postmaster father, played by Chris O’Dowd to deliver Vincent’s final letter. The story line is simply platform for the mesmerizing animation of the paintings.

I was especially intrigued as part of my own artist path I have recreated famous works of Impressionist artists. Vincent van Gogh was particularly interesting to do in paint as I felt like I had my hand on the paint brush as he was painting and could feel the emotion and tension. So I felt a kinship with the artists who worked on this animated movie and with Vincent van Gogh himself. Here are some of my homage to Vincent.

My rendition of van Gogh’s Starry Night in watercolor.

My rendition of van Gogh’s bedroom in Arles in watercolor

My rendition of van Gogh’s 12 Sunflowers done in watercolor

I’m glad I made the time to see Loving Vincent, definitely worth it and has got me thinking of new ideas for my own art as well. I recommend seeing it. Take a look at the trailer to get a glimpse.

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Wine Painting on t-shirt


Well I’ve been trying to do daily painting, but today it was art database update.   But I was able to update Latest Artwork Added to FAA which includes many plein air paintings from the winter.  And I updated my CAFEPress Store Donna’s Art for Everyone  where my paintings are printed on everyday items so Art can be part of your everyday life.  Started doing a series of paintings about wine.  How cool is this t shirt for drinking your favorite Merlot or Chardonnay.


Mangroves at Rutherford Park – Plein Air

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