End of Season in VT and heading to FL

This year we stayed in Vermont a little longer in order to see the fall foliage which fell short this year of a usual spectacular display.  But here is a view of my last week there.  On the last day of the Craftsbury Farmers Market, the artists of Plein Air Northeast Kingdom exhibited their plein air paintings at the Market (slide 1).  It is a great typical Farmers Market (slide 2) and the area surrounding the common quintessential Vermont (slide 3)   

A few days after the exhibit we were all packed up and ready to go and I took one last picture of the yard (slide 4).  As we headed down the road I  noticed frost on the fields near by where we live (slide 5).  There was also frost on the windshield, something we have not dealt with in quite some time.  We did leave before any snow.  I miss sleeping in the cool nights, now I have to reply on AC.  As we headed out of Barton we saw the mist in the valley  (slide 6).

I had a good season of painting while up in VT, both plein air and studio.  The natural beauty of the NEK so inspires me.  I have updated my website on FAA; it now has all the originals for sale, along with prints and cool merchandise.   I really believe in affordable art and it thrills me to no end when someone wants to live with some of my artwork.  So take a look.


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